My Philosophy


I became a marriage counselor because I believe almost all marriages are worth saving. Research indicates that most children are happiest when they are are able to reside with both of their parents. I am not neutral on divorce. My personal and professional bias is to keep marriages together whenever possible. For couples who determine that separation/divorce is their best option, I help them move forward in the most amicable, productive way possible. Toward that end, I make referrals to collaborative attorneys and mediators. Additionally, because I used to work in family court teaching parents how to parent throughout the divorce process, I help couples formulate a parenting plan  that incorporates best practices including: A Child's Bill of Rights in Divorce. 

My Background


For thirty years I have been  helping people achieve their personal and relational goals. I am a therapist, a court-trained mediator, and a life coach. I am an active, solution focused counselor. I have seen "impossible" things happen many times. While working as a divorce mediator I saw couples toss away their separation agreements and recommit to their marriages. I believe that with the right information and motivation, anyone can change themselves and their situations. 

Despite years of education and experience, I remain humbly committed to ongoing education about latest reseach and techniques on creating and sustaining healthy relationships

My Education


Working with couples requires specific education and training. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and an Educational Specialist Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. I also hold a PhD in Pastoral Counseling and I am happy to integrate issues of faith upon request. I use a number of theories and methods in my counseling based on the unique needs that each couple presents. I incorporate solution-focused strategies, structural family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotionally focused couples therapy,  and  Gottman tools and methods. For couples on the brink of divorce, I offer the cutting-edge option of Discernment Counseling. For those couples who have chosen to separate, I offer Closure Counseling to minimize conflict as they move forward. 

Services & Fees

Individual Counseling  - 50 Minutes - $175.00 per session

Marriage/Couples Counseling - 60 Minutes - $200.00 per session

Marriage/Couples Counseling - 80 Minutes - $275.00 per session

Gottman Assessment Package - $895.00

Discernment Counseling - 20 minute Phone Consultation - Free

60 Minutes - $200.00 per session

90 Minutes- $300.00 per session

Closure Counseling - 60 minutes - $200.00 per session

                        Insurance is accepted  by this office for individual counseling.  

                     Insurance is not accepted for couples/relationship counseling.  

Marriage Counseling is  a Z-code and it is not considered medically necessary. If you have  attended marriage counseling in the past and used insurance, then one spouse  was given a diagnosis and the other spouse  technically attended "family counseling" for the diagnosed spouse.  Many  consider this fraud.  

Payment  can be made with cash, checks, or HSA cards (if these services are covered by your plan).