Marriage Counseling


Marriage Counseling/Couples Therapy is a process of identifying relationship strengths and challenges, improving communication, increasing emotional and sexual intimacy, and improving conflict management skills.  


I draw on many theories and methods while conducting couples counseling, including Solution Focused, Gottman,  Emotionally Focused, Cognitive Behavioral, and Structural Family Therapy.  I can help you improve communication, reduce conflict, and restore harmony and trust.  Some clients seek counseling to discuss very specific concerns, such as managing aging parents or supporting children in crisis. A couple can schedule an initial session to discuss their goals for therapy and learn more about each option. 

 Marriage/Relationship counseling is a Z-code rather than a psychological  disorder, and therefore, it is not reimbursable by most insurance companies.  Insurance is accepted for  individual therapy if I am listed in your network.  


60 minute counseling sessions (individual or couples) $200.00

80 minute couples counseling sessions $275.00


I am licensed as a marriage and family therapist in MA, NH, and NJ and I provide counseling to persons living in those three states. (Most state laws require that a mental health professional be licensed in the state you reside in). Counseling is conducted in-person at my office in Concord, MA or virtually if you reside in NH or NJ. Massachusetts residents are also free to choose online sessions if that works best for your schedule or lifestyle.   

Services Offered:

Marriage Counseling/Couples Therapy 

Discernment Counseling for couples contemplating divorce. 

 Marriage Check Up/Relationship Assessments using Gottman scales and questionnaires. 

Individual Counseling regarding relational, emotional, psychological or spiritual issues. 


What is a Gottman Assessment?

Many couples who come for counseling begin with a Gottman Assessment. The Assessment involves face-to-face meetings as well as an online questionnaire that quickly identifies relationship strengths and challenges, saving couples weeks or months of therapy to uncover this information. It provides specific, useful diagnostic information to help couples create a loving, respectful relationship built on honesty, kindness, and trust. 

Gottman Assessment Package Cost = $895.00 

Package includes:

The fee for the online test 

4.5 hours of face-to-face time with the couple

2.5 hours of behind the scenes compilation of a treatment plan.